Railway Challenge continental edition

The IMechE Railway Challenge provides a unique opportunity for students and apprentices to develop and test their skills. Why not have one on the continent?

Following a demonstration event in June 2022, we will be running a Railway Challenge “Continental Edition” in Bad Schussenried, Germany beginning of June, 2023. Rules and infrastructure are compatible with the IMechE edition, so you can run your loco in both challenges.

We look forward to your participation! In case you are interested, please contact the organisers at hello@railwaychallenge.de

In case you want to visit us, please use this form for a pre-registration: https://eveeno.com/railway-challenge-continental .

The continental Railway Challenge is organised by FH Aachen and made possible thanks to Deutsche Maschinentechnischen Gesellschaft e.V. and the German Railway Industry.

The challenge

For the challenge, you design and build a locomotive for the English park railway gauge of 10 1/4″ (app. 260 mm) according to a requirement specification. Your locomotive and the team is then participating in a number of challenges:

  • Energy recovery
  • Tractive effort
  • Ride comfort
  • Low noise emissions
  • Automatic target braking
  • Maintainability
  • Reliability
  • General design
  • Business case
  • Technical poster
  • Innovation

The teams

Teams for the Railway Challenge are composed of up to 15 members, who can be students, apprentices or young professionals (up to two years after graduation). This makes the challenge an ideal opportunity to gain insight into the railway sector or practical experience.

The rules

The continental Railway Challenge adheres to the rules and the technical requirements of the IMechE Railway Challenge. The documents can be downloaded from the IMechE:

In case you are interested in a participation or have any questions, please mail us at hallo@railwaychallenge.de!